Apply to be on the AISG Board!

Apply for the AISG Board for the 2019/2020 academic year! There are two open board positions: Treasurer and Promotion Officer. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please send your CV, Motivation Letter, and indicate which position you are applying for to 

AISG is looking for open-minded people that have a passion for human rights. In addition, we are looking for those who will be dedicated to AISG, have excellent communication and time management skills, can be flexible, and work well with a team. 


The treasurer of the AISG board has an financial and administrative role. As a treasurer you are responsible for creating a budget plan for the group at the start of the academic year, keeping record of the group’s finances during the year, and preparing financial statements.  This means having an overview of all the activities of the organization, working closely with all committees treasurers, bookkeeping (keeping track of cash and bank transactions), and filling in financial reports. As a treasurer should be organized, diligent, strict, be aware of Amnesty International financial policies, and know how to work with excel.  

Lastly, as treasurer you will also be working closely with the fundraising committee in order to organize the Annual Collection Week, and raise funds for next year group.  

Other tasks:

  • Working closely with the Secretary of the board to keep record of membership fees.
  • Maintaining communication with Amnesty International’s financial supervisor.
  • Paying invoices, approving purchases, and reimbursing. 
  • Preparing and delivering financial year report to Amnesty International.
  • Purchasing Group Materials.
  • Determining the financial policy and making sure the group sticks to it. 
  • Assigning a budget to each committee and adapting it when necessary. 
  • Supervising and guiding a few committees.

Promotion Officer

The Promotion Officer of the board is responsible for all of the promotion and public image of AISG. This position manages our various social media platforms and website, and therefore the Promotion Officer should be social media savvy and have basic knowledge of editing programs and graphic design. Expertise in photography and photoshop is a plus. This position works closely with the Promotion Officer of each committee and Amnesty International the Netherlands to promote events, urgent Human Rights actions and cases, and our organization.  

Other tasks:

  • Guiding and advising Promotion Officer’s committees.
  • Promoting membership recruitment and all of AISG’s events.
  • Designing promotional materials for the AISG’s events for Instagram and Facebook as well as logos for stickers, flyers, and t-shirts. 
  • Recruiting and working closely with the Press committee.
  • Supervising and guiding a few committees.