Everybody has a Valentine’s Day that will not forget and I am positively sure that the most unforgettable Valentine’s Day will be this 14th of February.

Silvia Gutiérrez Gradillas

As the fundraising committee, we are in charge of finding creative ways to fundraise for our student group. During the first semester, we did small actions like selling popcorn in Movies That Matter, doing the lottery in the Writing Marathon, and helping out fellow committees with their events. 

The idea of Amnestynder came during our first meeting while we were sharing our passion for “Love is love” mentality and willingness to plan a big party. A real-life Tinder would be fun, inclusive, and big as well as challenging. As Valentine’s Day approached, we knew it was about time we put this idea into action. Why does the Valentine’s Day have to be only about couples, when it could be fun for everyone?

Preparations for Amnestynder.

After thinking about possible venues, someone suggested Warhol, a place whose vibe attracts all of us. With Warhol accepting to collaborate with us enthusiastically, all that left was details. The Warhol team was excited to be a part of Amnesty International event and they were very helpful during the planning of the whole process.

Why does the Valentine’s Day have to be for couples only? Let’s make it fun for everyone!

We went to Warhol early in the evening to furnish the venue with fun. Genderless toilets for inclusion, envelopes with games of speed dating, wall of love and blind date bios… Warhol was ready for an amazing Valentine’s Day party and so were we!

This is the Amnestynder’s Wall of Love, where the Amnestynderbios were placed.

With the arrival of our guests, it didn’t take long for everyone to start having fun. The party worked for itself with people sharing love letters, drinking, dancing and talking. It was visible to see the welcoming environment and ease in the crowd thanks to our “love is love” and “no means no” approach. We were both the organisers and the police of the party. Among all the chatter and music, the tree of us at the fundraising committee raised our glasses for making it happen, and of course, for love!

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