With a few clinks of beer glasses and thinking caps placed on, the Amnesty International Student Group Groningen (AISG) began its celebration of the International Day of Press Freedom in full stride with a Pub Quiz at Café Bistro Kult on 24th of April. 

The worldwide event was held in Ghana with the theme “Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice, and the Rule of Law”, and this day aims to raise global awareness on the importance of the freedom of press, reminding governments of their duty to comply with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

The Pub Quiz made the participants masters of diverse fields such as Science, Geography, Pop-Culture, History, Current Affairs, and General Knowledge. Participants assembled themselves into small teams with creative names – ‘The Smarty Pants’ and ‘The Sangria Sisters’, for instance. In the spirit of the Dutch festivities for Koningsdag, the winning team received an exciting Kings Day starter-pack with souvenirs, flags, and decorative items for all members. 

Organized seamlessly by the AISG Six-Month Spring Committee, the event was also supported by the Fundraising Committee who collected donations, sold Amnesty merchandise, and held a 50/50 raffle. The prize was an amount split equally between the winner and AISG. A total of 31 euros was collected during the event on this account! The raffle winner decided to donate her share, allowing Amnesty to retain its collection for the day. 

Overall, not only was the Pub Quiz a memorable event for the Student Group and its participants, but it was also an opportunity to ponder upon the noteworthy accomplishments of the press, and the challenges that lie ahead of its treacherous journey. 

On behalf of the Press Committee, 

Reet Varma 

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