On March 4, the Refugee Committee organized an event in Lust cafe called ‘Faces and Stories’. The aim of the event was to spread information about and foster understanding for the situation refugees in Groningen through dialogue between refugees and students.

Participants listening carefully to a refugee’s story at the event.

The preparations were certainly challenging. Firstly, it was at times problematic to find refugees who wanted to participate as well as ensuring translators if needed. Secondly, it was of our utmost priority to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere where the participants felt, indeed, safe and not forced to share something they did not want to.

In spite of these initial problems, the event turned out to be a great success! We had many visitors whose feedback whose overwhelmingly positive. We are very happy with the outcome, and hopefully, our event created a little bit more love in the city of Groningen.

The Refugee Committee is looking forward to future events and will use the experiences from ‘Faces and Stories’ to make them even better. 

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