When the War Comes is a documentary that depicts paramilitary fascist groups as a joke even for its members and, with the passage of minutes, reveals how the joke, which causes laughter, becomes a joke that scares those who see it and hardens the faces of who are immersed in it. You could say that everything starts as a children’s game, only that the game is with weapons and war. The main player is a boy named Peter Švrček, as normal as any of us: he studies, he has a girlfriend, a mother and a group of friends who support the game, a game that consists of preparing for war —a non-existent war against Islam, against the refugee crisis in Europe.

Peter Švrček, little by little, and in front of the camera, fine-tuned his military training techniques and gains national relevance. With his friends, a group of savage youngsters who become the head of a paramilitary group, appear in the news, generate academic debates, collaborate in folkloric events and even dictates talks in public schools to students of early ages about their mission.

Through the lens of Jan Gebert, the documentary observes without judging, and that is why it not only shows us an amateur paramilitary group that grows in ranks and popularity but manages to show us, too, the unsustainability of an extreme discourse through the contradictions of Peter himself. A Peter who in front of the cameras claims not to think about getting involved in politics, but behind them boasts that he knows how to lie very well to hide his true intentions to participate in it. A Peter who makes his followers swear to not to use alcohol or drugs, among other things, but who gets drunk in front of them without any shame on special occasions. A Peter who maintains, in public, that he and his followers are not of the extreme right, but that harasses the immigrants to return to their lands and prepares for war against them.

Come see watch When the War for the LAST Movies that Matter screening of the year tomorrow at Vera Zienema at 20:30. We will explore these ideas at a greater length with Dr. Paul Lucardie who specializes in populism and alternative forms of democracy. He will shed light on these themes in relation to the Slowak Recruits, the group depicted in the documentary film, following an extreme nationalist and neo-nazi ideology.

Buy your tickets here: https://www.vera-groningen.nl/events/when-the-war-comes/

Watch the trailer here📽: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFC_8AXgoN8

Written by AISG Press Committee

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