This month DAF organised a writing session in favor of human right victims. It took place on Tuesday 28th of November at the large table of the international coffee place MASMAS.
Who did we write for?
This session there were two cases to write for. The topic of the first case we already knew, since we have written for – or actually against – it last time as well. Remember the new military law in Brazil? Well, there are still more letters needed to help the Attorney General in Brazil think twice and appeal to the Supreme Court to stop the law from entering into force. The new law will transfer the ability to try human rights violations and crimes against life carried out by military personnel against civilians.
The rest of the letters were written for the case of the indigenous peoples of Chocó in Clombia. The first Amnesty update dates from the 20th of July 2017 about the risk of forced displacement in Chocó. However, when the Indigenous governor of the Catru Dubaza Ancoso reservation was killed on the 24 October by armed men, it turns out the risk of forced displacement for the community isn’t reducing at all. Therefore we asked the government again to guarantee the right to life, physical integrity and security of the Indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples in zones at risk due to the presence of armed groups. Moreover, we urged to facilitate individual and collective protection measures for those concerns.
Do you want to know more about the situation in Chocó? Here you can find a public statement expressing concern at the grave humanitarian situation in the department of Colombia.
Was the session a success?
The session was heatened up not only by the information the cases provided for discussion, but also by the great atmosfere provided by the music taste of the DJ. Together with hot choco’s 45 letters got out of hand by the diligent writers of the evening. Especially the case of the indigenous people in Colombia were in favor to write for. Nobody wants to be insecure about their right to life, right?
What is up next?
The first two writing sessions were just a warm-up for the next BIG event of our own DAF committee. On Sunday 10th of December you all have the opportunity to write as much letters for human rights during the 12 hour marathon. Yes, that’s coming Sunday on the International Day of Human Rights! Be there at PRONK, Vismarkt 56, Groningen. See you there!