Travel Trip to Humanity House the Hague

When the group that had left Groningen at nine in the morning was on its way back from the Hague it became apparent that everyone was tired from the busy day and the intense experience they had. As the first trip of the new travel committee, they had pulled out all of the stops organising a day where they went to visit the Humanity House in the Hague.

The Humanity House was founded in 2010 by the Red Cross and provides visitors with an interactive experience of how its is to live through a disaster or conflict. This way they showcase human circumstances that seem far away for many living in Europe but are very real for a lot of people. Humanity House does this through a simulation with seven rooms each representing a stage of the journey of a refugee. After these rooms you are led into an exhibition where seven refugees tell the visitor about their journey.
This makes the refugee situation that is often portrayed in the media, less abstract and more personal and real.

After a nice lunch at Vapiano the group from Amnesty had the opportunity to talk with an employee of the Humanity House to receive more information about it. Then everyone went through the seven rooms alone, so the effect would be more impactful. The experience of the rooms themselves were very gripping through the intense background music as well as the uncertainty of what each room would entail. This uncertainty it created seems poignant when considering the purpose of Humanity House: to give a feel for the suffering that people experience to raise awareness.

After the rooms and the following exhibition the travel commitee organised the group to have some free time and to enjoy sinterklaas´ arrival in the Hague. This gave the day a nice
balance after the intense and emotional experience in the Humanity House.

All in all the first trip was a big success for the newly instated travel committee. It illustrated the journey and situations refugees find themselves in very well and was especially relevant for a group of people interested in Human Rights issues. And this trip was just a taste for what lies ahead! So don´t hesitate to sign up for the next trip: The Christmas Market trip to Oldenburg on the 16th of December.