The Committees

6-Month Committee

Will you only be in Groningen for one semester, but still want to get involved? Then this committee is perfect for you. Members of this committee are urged to really get creative and come up with their own project to work on together during the six months. Last year this committee organized a self-defense course in honor of Egyptian human rights defender Azza Soliman, so participants also signed a petition for him after the course.

Activism Committee

This committee works with local refugee organizations to promote awareness through activism. As a member, you will help organize various events throughout the year. Past events have included a language cafe so local refugees from Arabic-speaking countries could meet people in Groningen who are interested in Arab culture as well as practice the language with native speakers. There was also a dinner for Syrians living in Groningen and a showcase of paintings by refugee children of what they thought of as their ‘past-present-future.’

Days of Rights Committee

The Days of Rights Committee organizes 3 events per year: the International Day of Human Rights, International Women’s Day, and the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. As a member of this committee, you will help raise awareness of human rights to students and the general public of all ages through lectures, information markets, and workshops. You will collaborate with other student groups, public institutions, and local advocacy groups.

Education Committee

The purpose of this committee is to educate children about Amnesty International and human rights-related topics. You will give presentations in primary and secondary schools to inform children, therefore all members of this committee must speak Dutch.

Fundraising Committee

The main task of this committee is to find new and creative ways to fundraise for our student group. This can be done in many ways (flea markets, a pub quiz, bake sales, sponsors, parties… be creative!). The committee is also responsible for organizing and coordinating the “Collection Week” in March, where all student groups across the Netherlands collect money for Amnesty International. 

Movies that Matter

Movies That Matter is a long-standing committee that has always been popular. This committee organizes a monthly movie screening of a human rights-related film. The main task of the committee is to find a suitable speaker for the evening and to promote the event in Groningen. Examples of previous movies screened are “I am Nojoom, Aged 10 and Divorced,” and “On the Bride’s Side”. October 10th will be the first screening of the year.

Social Committee

This committee will help run our student Instagram account, help advertise AISG events, document events, and work closely with fundraising committees. Last year the Social Committee also helped to organize some social activities for the members like a Christmas Market, Welcome back to Groningen part, and an End of the Academic Year Closing event.

Write for Rights Committee

Every year, to mark Human Rights Day on December 10th, hundreds of thousands of people around the world write letters and sign online petitions. These messages help convince government officials to release people wrongfully imprisoned, support human rights defenders, stop torture, commute death sentences, and end other human rights abuses. Writing letters has always been one of Amnesty’s main ways to get the attention of people in power about human rights issues in their region. This committee will meet once a month for a writing session and for 4 lectures throughout the year.