The AISG Board 2019/2020

AISG Board of 2019/2020

President – Sara van Loon

Sara van Loon

Hello! My name is Sara and I’m currently studying Middle Eastern Studies at the RUG. Last year I was in the Movies That Matter committee and now I am very excited to be the President of AISG this year. Just like everyone else in AISG, I am very passionate about human rights, especially focused on women’s rights and the rights of displaced people. I’m very interested in learning more about human rights and can’t wait to create fun and informative events together with the Board and the committees!

Secretary – Ana Sofia Servin

Sofia Servin

Hola! I am Sofi and I study International Relations and International Organization. I am from Mexico, which was one of the reasons why I got involved in Amnesty. Sadly, human rights violations in Mexico are a big issue, so I wanted to get more involved and have an impact. Last year I was part of the Movies that Matter Committee and it was a great experience! It was a great way to make people aware and involved! I am looking forward to all that we will do this year to keep fighting the bad guys!

Treasurer – Elske van Beers

My name is Elske van Beers, I am 24 years old and I just started my master in Finance. This year I will be the treasurer of AISG. Besides my studies I like to go running and hang out with my friends!

Communications Officer – Konstantina Christogianni


Hi! I am Konstantina and I am a second year International and European Law student as well as the new Communications Officer of AISG. I come from Greece and studied in China for two years. I was the secretary of the Refugee Committee last year and this year I can’t wait to be more active and expand my understanding.

PR Commissioner – Nalan Akyurek

Nalan the PR

Hi there! I am Nalan, a 25-year-old Turkish student of English Language and Culture at the RUG. I have always been passionate about human rights and equality, mainly concerning freedom of speech and press. I was a part of various activist organizations at home, and I joined AISG last year as an active member and realized I wanted to take a bigger part in it. I am very excited to be the PR of AISG this year and learn, create, and share the passion!