What We Do

Groningen has a rich diversity of culture and people. We at AISG work throughout the year to raise awareness and campaign on a number of human rights issues and injustices.  Amnesty International itself started as a small group of students, but eventually became one of the world’s biggest human rights defenders. AISG is the largest Amnesty International Student Group in the Netherlands and we meet regularly for lectures, events, and campaigns.

Amnesty International has 6 main areas of focus:

Women’s, children’s, minorities’ and indigenous rights
Ending torture
Abolition of the death penalty
Rights of refugees
Rights of prisoners of conscience
Protection of human dignity.

Fundraising events.

Throughout the year we hold events to fundraise for our student group, in order to organize various events
to raise awareness about human rights issues.

In the past we have organized: Every Beer Counts, themed parties, a 5K run, a night-time run with lights strung around their bodies allowed us to fundraise and show Amnesty International’s mantra of bringing light to the darkness.


We organize lectures throughout last year. Some past topics have included online privacy, corporate social responsibility, environmental issues, and human rights.

We were always eager to host speakers who are experts in their field, who yearn to share their knowledge with our student group and members of the Groningen community.

Campaigning and Activism.

AISG is the largest student group in the Netherlands! We are very active in Amnesty International’s campaigns and raising awareness. We have several committees who work year-round to produce events that spread awareness and encourage activism.

Human Rights Day, the 10th of December, is the most important day for Amnesty International. Groups all over the world organize events for this day and join forces to write to write letters for the release of prisoners of conscience.

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